Want to Be a “Success”? Learn to Be an Outlaster

Want to Be a “Success”? Learn to Be an Outlaster.

We all know it. But the reality is that when the going gets tough, the tough bugger off to mourn the loss of their favourite posing pouch, or compare biceps in front of the mirror. It’s the nerdy weedlings that cling desperately to the handlebars of hope whilst the treadmill whirs beneath their stumbling legs, kicking and flailing to desperately reach the pen and paper balanced tantalisingly next to the stop button.

Sorry, got a bit carried away with the old gym metaphor there…

The point is that Ms Lamb is spot on. In moments of the doldrums I took great comfort in her “Odds of Success” post (linked in the above article, but again for ease of access). Yes the likelihood of success is low, but for those who work hard, persevere and laugh in the face of overwhelming despair (I like to think this is the sort of maniacal laugh that Jack Nicholson so excels at), it is attainable.

I find myself in a quandary here, though. Historically I have been known to jump ship when I’ve had enough. Workplace, career path, location…my alternative “gaming with babies” blog got blown to insignificance when real life intervened.

But I secretly suspect that most of those are because I’ve been doing the wrong things, following advice from other people’s perceptions of my priorities and skills, instead of my own instincts.

Because I’m not afraid of hard work, or sticking things out for the long haul. The things I care about I can throw everything into (sometimes to breaking point), and it will be interesting to see if I am one of the ones who makes way for new dreamers, or if I go Memento crazy on reality (could just be the sleep deprivation).

At least I’ve steeled myself to peek at my past pages. They are truly terrible, but the rewriting is less daunting than I expected (dare I say…exciting??!!) and I’ve rewritten the first scene from a new, more interesting character’s perspective.

Even if the lure of the next two stories isn’t enough to keep me at it, hopefully I’ll at least manage to pound this manuscript into submission…

And in the meantime I’ll have these web pages highlighted on my favourites’ screen for when the going really does get tough and I end up face-planting the cross-trainer like a walrus on speed…

via Want to Be a “Success”? Learn to Be an Outlaster.


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